7' Wide Cargo Trailers

Are you looking for a 7’ wide cargo trailer? If so, Cargo Crush has the selection you need.

7′ Wide Cargo Trailers

Most 7′ wide cargo trailers are 14ft to 16ft long. If you’re looking for one built tough at a great price, we should talk.

Our 7′ wide Diamond Cargo Trailer prices less than you think! Call: (334) 721-3385 today.

As with anything, quality is always found in the details. Things like wood type, metal thickness, fasteners and tie-downs all contribute to a well built enclosed trailer.

A Flexible Solution For Everyone.

7' Wide Cargo Trailers Dealer

The longer and wider the trailer, the stronger the walls, flooring and ceiling need to be. Distributing the weight of your load properly plays a key part in safely hauling your 7×16 cargo trailer around. Tie-downs strategically placed in the plywood flooring help to secure items and equipment. Our tow behinds are designed and built for years of use and look great too. We carry 7′ wide cargo trailers in Alabama.

Most of the major manufacturers for 7’ wide cargo trailers are located out of state. So if you buy there, chances are your service and support will be there too. By shopping at a local cargo trailer dealer in Alabama, you’ll gain peace of mind knowing that we’re a phone call or a short drive away. Speaking of local, even if you’re not that close to where we are, we will still deliver to you!

As with anything else, anytime you can buy a 7’ wide cargo trailer from someone who is local to the area and established in the community, it generally works out for the best.

High-Quality Custom Cargo Trailers and Concession Trailers To Fit Your Specific Needs.

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