Want to know about Cargo Crush? We sell enclosed cargo trailers of all types and sizes. We are a woman owned and operated business based out of Prattville, AL. We service the whole Country! 

Both of our families are heavily involved in contractor based industries and enclosed cargo trailers are just a natural part of those businesses. We’ve always needed our trailers to durable and dependable to get our equipment to and from job sites all over the state. We now offer a full variety of trailers from standard cargo trailers for the job sites to custom concession trailers, motorcycle trailers, car trailers, and more! Not only that, but you can fully customize any trailer to match your needs.. In other words, if you can think it then we can build it! 

cargo crush alabama

Enclosed Cargo Trailer Dealer in Alabama

At Cargo Crush, we “CRUSH” the competition when it comes to providing a high quality enclosed trailer for less money than they can. If you see a lower price for the same size trailer, there is a reason. Typically, they’ve cut corners in some way shape or form. 

In short, we wanted to spread the word about how great these enclosed trailers really are. Since we’ve got first hand experience using these trailers over the years, we know how dependable they really are. We also know that protecting the bottom line of your company or the bank account of your family is a big priority. Take a minute to look at some of the cargo, motorcycle, concession, specialty or event trailers that we have on our site. Then call us about pricing and options. We tell it like it is and promise not to waste your time.

Thanks for stopping by, Rachel & Stacey.

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