Why you should choose a concession trailer over a food truck.

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With food trucks on the rise, it’s important to consider all your choices. If you want to get into the world of mobile kitchens and get your place in it, then all you need is a concession truck. Such trailers are considered to be more economical and reliable than food trucks. And they need less maintenance and are not expensive as well.

Benefits Of Concession Trailers:

  • Concession trailers cost less than food trucks. A concession trailer is much less expensive as compared to a truck so your start-up costs are much lower. It is not uncommon for a brand new food truck to run $250,000+ and used food trucks cost on average $50,000. Cargo Crush concession trailers on average will run you about $18,000. These are brand new and fully complete inside with the exception of cooking and refrigeration equipment.
  • Concession trailers offer far more space on average compared to food trucks. For example, a 30-foot truck will usually have less actual cooking and storage space than a 16 or 20-foot trailer. With a concession trailer, we are able to install the generators outside on the tongue of the trailer saving even more space.
  • With concession trailers, you have far less depreciation. You put miles on a food truck buy a trailer doesn’t record miles. On a trailer, you have your basic maintenance like tires and brakes, but you won’t ever have to worry about wear and tear on the engine and transmission that you do in a food truck.
  • Concession trailers are the perfect solution for longer-term or stationary parking locations. Beginners sometimes find it difficult to navigate a concession trailer, but once you get the hang of it offers much more flexibility and maneuvering than a comparative food truck.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day you have to figure out what fits your business needs the best.  It is important you do not make some common mistakes such as not doing any research before making a purchase or buying a wrong type trailer for your new business.  First step is create your menu, then you can really start your quest of finding the best trailer that suits you needs. Finally, when it comes to quality it is best to pay a bit extra now than have the headache of constant maintenance.

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